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Disclaimer: Below is the comment made by the developer which is a must read before downloading with an aim to provide more explanations for you who are coming to download Color Call Screen App, check it out and benefit from it.

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International Free Global Call App
International Free Global Call App

Color Call Screen App Download Play Store

SitePlay Store
App RoleCall Screen, Style Look
Released onJun 6, 2019
Nowadays RequiresAndroid 4.4 and up
App PolicyPolicy
Download Size16 MB

Brand new call screen is arrival! Pretty and adorable themes with color flash launcher decorate your call wallpaper! Use this caller screen app to customize your call wallpaper & set particular call screen for your families and friends All FREE!

Features for Call Screen:

  • Lovely call screen theme for incoming calls with live wallpaper.
  • Upload local pictures and videos for personalized color phone.
  • Fair-sounding ringtones for notification.
  • Support local ringtones for custom alerts.
  • Blinking call flash launcher for all calls.
  • Set specific call themes for individuals.

Why Call Screen?

Have you been fed up with boring call screen? Download Call Screen, you can enjoy attractive and stylish call themes and pick different answer keys!

Have you often missed important phone calls? A good call app will help you to recognize each of your call with sparkling color flash launcher!

If you wanna special themes for an individual, this calling app can also meet your demand.

Download the caller screen and personalize caller themes with more stylish interfaces!

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