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dialer hide app download

Play Store dialer hide app download

SitePlay Store
App RoleVault
Released onDec 10, 2019
Nowadays RequiresAndroid 4.4 and up
App PolicyPolicy
Download Size12 MB

Dialer Lock is a fantastic privacy protection app which easily hide & encrypt your photos, videos, audio, documents, application & any other files that you do not want others to see.

Dialer Lock Hide Photo Video & Apps helps to keep secure your phone data from others without your passcode doesn’t show anyone.

Now you can hide & keep your privacy absolutely safe. Easy to import your private photos, videos, audio & documents in this secure vault & nobody knows the existence of it.

Dialer Locker can be used as regular dialer for daily use. You can make a call, see contact list, add favorite & other features of dialer application.

Dailer Lock allows you to hide its application to keep your privacy absolutely safe. Now keep secret to secure folder vault & nobody will knows the existence of the application.

Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video
Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video app


  • Now secure photos, videos, audio, documents & other files with Dialer Lock.
  • Hide photos, videos, audios & any other types of files.
  • The hidden files are all encrypted.
  • Fast and smooth dialer.
  • Extra light weight dialer.
  • Directly make a call to someone with favorite contact & recent contact.
  • Beautiful themes for dialer locker & application lock screen.
  • Dial number as passcode & press call button to enter in confidential space in your phone.
  • Intruder selfie allows you to easily see who has tried to unlock your device without your authorization or enter the wrong pin.
  • Uninstall Protaction prevents this application to uninstall and protect photos, videos, and files.
  • Easily user can hide contact & use it anytime for call & contact.
  • User can easily recover passcode with security question.
  • Import & hide photos, hide video from videos & photos gallery.
  • Custom change album names, create folder, create file name, share & delete.
  • Video player to watch videos inside video vaulty.
  • You can edit landscaping photo cropper rotating and zooming.
  • Hide photos, hide videos and hide any other types of files.
  • The hidden files are all encrypted.
dialer vault lock system
dialer vault lock system
Document files dialer vault
Document files dialer vault
Private notes dialer vault
Private notes dialer vault
intruder selfie dialer vault hide photo
intruder selfie dialer vault hide photo

How to Work Dialer?

  1. Just enter any number (Eg.987654321) & press CALL button to create password at first time.
  2. Show all content to keep secure your photos, videos, audio, documents, notes & other files.
  3. Apply as application locker so when you want to access application without passcode you doesn’t access.
  4. Intruder helps to capture photos who unauthorized used for your phone.
  5. Dialer Lock works as dialer locker to make simple call, contact list , favorite contact.
  6. Make a call with simple dialer.

Dialer Lock – Vault Locker Hide Photo Video & Apps helps you to hide your private photo, video, audio, documents & files. It hides photos from any unauthorized person and secures them in the application that will be called Dialer Lock.

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