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WhatsApp Call Recorder
WhatsApp Call Recorder

Play Store WhatsApp Call Recorder App

SitePlay Store
App RoleWhatsApp
Released onNA
Nowadays RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
App Policyhttp://sparklingapps.com/privacy.html
Download Size19 MB

Record WhatsApp calls using Call Recorder: Supports WhatsApp calls for a wide range of Android devices and OS versions. You can store your conversation and replay it anytime you need it.

Notes and Warning:

  • Not all devices support call recording.
  • Use the speakerphone feature to improve incoming audio.

Main features:

Automatic WhatsApp recording: Call Recorder is able to detect WhatsApp calls automatically and start recording.

Audio quality: Call Recorder creates superior output audio quality, enhanced with AI routines to provide the best audible voice.

Ease of use: Call Recorder is able to start and stop recording automatically.

Legal notice: Call recording without the permission from callee/caller is illegal in several countries. Always notify the participants that the call will be recorded.

Contact us: If you have any questions or issues, please, send us a message at support@sparklingapps.com.

WhatsApp Record App
WhatsApp Record App


Only caller voice recorded, other person voice can’t record, I am able to record only my side of the conversation on Record Whatsapp calls:


  • A. Try speakerphone (Some phones could record incoming voice if speakerphone turned on)
  • B Try using headsets (Some phones can record incoming voice if headsets are plugged in)

If both of the above solutions are not working, please check audio source in your application menu. Most phones can record both sides of call for audio source “voice recognition”. Try with voice communication, microphone and voice call sources.

WhatsApp Record
WhatsApp Record

Where can I find the file of the recording?

The files can be found at sdcard>Android>data>com.sparklingapps.callrecorder>files.

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