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Play Store Who Touched My Phone App Download

SitePlay Store
App RoleSafety AppWho Touched My Phone
Released onFeb 8, 2022
Nowadays RequiresAndroid 5.1 and up
App PolicyPolicy
Download Size9 MB Only

WTMP pro: who touch my phone camera?

Do you want to check who tries to open your smartphone while in your absence? Well here is a real deal in shape on WTMP App – Who touch my phone. WTMP pro who will help you to catch intruder if someone tries to unlock your phone, without your asking.

  • This app will take picture of him/her with front camera in background and reports include (opened apps and intruder image , date, time etc) will be saved inside app so
  • you can catch them. WTMP App will snap picture of anyone who enter wrong pin code, pattern or fingerprint. Or will take picture if someone successfully unlock your
  • smartphone and maintain a list of all opened apps after unlocking and will use as anti-theft app. It will snap thief so you can find them easily.


  • Snap Intruder: Take picture of anyone using front camera who tries to unlock your smartphone while in your absence.
  • Thief Catcher: WTMP App Helps you to catch thief or anyone who tries to gain access to your private stuff.
  • Maintain and save list of opened applications after unlocking your smartphone so you can check which apps were used by intruder.
  • WTMP App helps you to protect your application with Pin, Pattern or Fingerprint features provided with app in settings so no one can delete or access your records.
  • You can also protect this app from being uninstall from intruder using device admin receiver which can be enabled from in app settings.

How to use Who Touched My Phone App

  • Open app and enable monitoring and then close app and lock your device.
  • When user unlock your smartphone or even tries to unlock this app will take picture in background and maintain list of opened apps.
  • Full report (include apps list) will be saved when intruder lock your smartphone.
  • You can check list of records maintained by this app.

Important note:

  • WTMP App use Device Admin Receiver to monitor pin or pattern attempts if someone tries to unlock your smartphone.
  • It will not be used for any other purpose.
  • You need to deactivate device admin to uninstall this app. You can disable it from in app settings.

In case of any queries contact diceappstudio97@gmail.com

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