Corner Swipe: Quick Arc Launcher 2

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Do you often find yourself in a rush, trying to locate and launch an app buried in your smartphone? That frustration of delay can be a thing of the past.

Enter Quick Arc Launcher 2 – an innovative solution designed to launch your preferred applications in a matter of seconds. Let’s dive into what makes this launcher a game-changer for your daily smartphone experience.

Imagine having the power to access your most-used apps with a mere swipe and a tap. Quick Arc Launcher 2 streamlines this process, allowing you to pre-register your frequently used applications and shortcuts, enabling instant startup.

Whether it’s messaging friends on LINE or accessing any other essential app, this launcher puts them at your fingertips, reducing launch time to a mere 2 seconds.

Quick Arc Launcher 2
Corner Swipe: Quick Arc Launcher 2 4

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One standout feature is the fan-shaped app list, aligning perfectly with your thumb’s movement for effortless navigation.

With just one swipe, from app list display to startup, this launcher simplifies your interaction with your device.

Organizing your apps becomes a breeze with the function to register a displayed launcher as-is or the page-turning feature, offering a neat and customizable layout for your convenience.

Let’s address the transition after the free trial period. You have multiple options: opt for the Premium License, ensuring limitless access without any feature restrictions across all Android operating systems.

Alternatively, there are specific licenses for different Android versions, allowing flexibility based on your device’s OS.

However, it’s important to note that updating your Android major version may require a new license for compatibility.

Concerned about privacy? Quick Arc Launcher 2 respects your privacy by requesting only the permission necessary for direct calls through shortcuts. It does not seek access to call logs or contacts, ensuring your data stays secure.

For those using gesture navigation or smartphones from specific manufacturers like Huawei or LeTV, there might be certain considerations to ensure optimal performance.

Huawei users might encounter interruptions due to energy-saving settings; adjusting these settings can help maintain seamless app functionality. Similarly, LeTV users might face issues due to their energy-saving function and are encouraged to reach out to support for assistance.

It’s essential to clarify that the AccessibilityService API powers the action functions of this application, such as the home and back functions. This API is solely used to enhance user experience and does not collect any personal information or data.

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