Chat Bin: Retrieve Deleted Chats

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Chat Bin Retrieve Deleted Chats
Chat Bin Retrieve Deleted Chats

Recover Deleted Chats with Copy Button

SitePlay Store
App RoleWhatsApp
Released onMay 3, 2018
Nowadays RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
App Policy
Download Size6 MB


Send a message without saving the number: No need to save temporary contacts just for sending a text.

Save your Last seen for later: Do not want to appear online? open Chat Bin and read all the messages.

Reply: Found one emergency in the message? No worries, we will redirect to chat for the reply.

Copy Button Chat Bin Recover Deleted Chats with Ease
Copy Button Chat Bin Recover Deleted Chats with Ease

Call: If you want an urgent call. Do not need to go to contacts, you can call the person from the same screen.

Deleted messages are history: Someone deleted a message before you could see it? just copy a message above or below and check. Else you can always open the chat bin.

Get Notified from Us: We will notify you once in a while to read messages offline.

Recommendations: After Installing, please provide Chat bin every permission and access. We will only ask what is needed.

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Our Promise: Chat Bin will not save or share your data

Disclaimer: Chat bin is not associated with WhatsApp Inc.

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