Dial Button: Secure Your Photos and Videos with Dialer Vault Hide App

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  • App Name: Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video
  • Nowadays Downloads: 1M+
  • Nowadays reviews: 54.2K reviews
  • Last Update: Feb 2, 2024
  • Key Features: Easy-to-use, free, secure gallery vault, facedown lock, fingerprint unlock, alerts with photo, lightweight.
  • Size: 11.39MB

Short Summary: Protect your private photos and videos with Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video app. Easy-to-use, free, and secure, with features like facedown lock and fingerprint unlock.

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Protect Your Privacy with Dialer Vault Hide App; keeping our personal photos and videos safe from prying eyes is more important than ever.

With the Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video app, you can securely lock away your private files on your Android smartphone or tablet with ease.

What is the Dialer Vault Hide App?

The Play Store Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video is an app designed to safeguard confidential pictures, videos, and other files using advanced encryption techniques.

Once you install the app, you can hide your sensitive media in a secure vault accessible only via a passcode set by you.

App roleDialer Vault Hide Photo Video
Official SitePlay Store
Released onJul 21, 2017
Published byPhoto Video Vault Security

Key Features of Dialer Vault Hide app:

Easy to Use: Instantly lock your files with a simple setup process. Access your encrypted files anytime, anywhere.

Free: Enjoy lifetime access to the app with no hidden fees or subscriptions required.

Secure Gallery Vault: Utilize the latest encryption technologies to keep your photos and videos safe from unauthorized access.

Facedown Lock: Automatically lock the app by placing your phone face down for added convenience.

Fingerprint Unlock: Open the app quickly and securely using your fingerprint.

Alerts with Photo: Receive alerts and a secret photo capture whenever someone attempts to access your hidden files with an incorrect passcode.

Lightweight: Benefit from a lightweight app that won’t take up much space on your device.

How Does Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video App Work?

Once you’ve set up Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video, you’ll find it disguised as ‘zDialer‘ in your app drawer.

From there, you can easily access your hidden files using the passcode you’ve chosen. The app operates discreetly, ensuring that your privacy remains intact.

Why Choose Dialer Vault Hide App?

Unlike other gallery encryption apps, Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video offers a user-friendly experience and robust security features at no cost.

With its lightweight design and advanced encryption technologies. it’s the ideal solution for keeping your private media safe from prying eyes.

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Dialer Vault Hide App Download

Dialer vault hide app

Protect your secrets with the Dialer Vault Hide App! Lock photos & videos securely. Easy setup, free, and discreet. Download now!

Don’t leave your personal photos and videos vulnerable to unauthorized access. Download the Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video today for free and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your sensitive files are securely protected.

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