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The Electric Zip Lock Screen app is a fun and unique way to unlock your Android phone. Instead of the usual swipe or pattern, you unlock your phone using a zipper! Just drag down the zipper and your phone is unlocked.

This Electric lock screen app is bright and colorful, featuring electric colors and thunderbolt backgrounds with zippers in blue and electric red neon rows.

Key Features

  • Customization: Change your wallpaper, zipper style, color, and design.
  • Useful Widgets: Add widgets for Date, Time, and Battery Level.
  • Password Option: Add an extra layer of security with a password.
  • Easy to Use: Just click the Activate Lock Screen button and you’re set.
  • Personalization: In-depth options for personalizing your lock screen.

How to Use the Electric Zip Lock Screen

Getting Started

  1. Download the App: The app is available on the Play Store and has over 500K+ downloads.
  2. App Size: It’s only 9MB, so it won’t take up much space on your device.
  3. Activation: Open the app and click the Activate Lock Screen button from the main menu. Now, every time you lock and unlock your phone, the Electric Zip Lock Screen will appear.

Personalization Options

  • Background: Choose your own wallpaper for the locker screen and device background.
  • Zipper Style: Customize the zipper tab to match your background or stand out.
  • Row Style: Select different (Zip Lock) colors and shapes for your zipper.
  • Font Style: Change the font of the information displayed on your lock screen.

Preview Feature

Before you finalize any changes, use the Preview option to see how your lock screen will look. This makes it easy to adjust and perfect your design without leaving the app.

Additional Settings

  • Animation Speed: Control how fast the zipper animation unfolds.
  • Sound and Vibration: Choose whether you want to hear the zipper sound and feel the vibration.
  • Widgets: Display or hide the Date, Time, and Battery Level for a clean look.

Security and Privacy

The Electric Zip Lock Screen also helps protect your privacy and ensures security. You can set a password that must be entered before unzipping the lock screen. This adds an extra layer of protection to keep your phone safe.

Official SitePlay Store
Contact Developerbestzipper2018@gmail.com
App Policydigitalnorthstar.fun
Release DateMay 11, 2018
Last UpdateMarch 5, 2024

Install Electric Zip Lock Screen: Unlock Your Phone in Style!

Electric lock screen

Unlock your phone with an Electric Zip Lock Screen! Customize your lock screen with vibrant colors and unique zipper animations. Try it now!

The Electric Zip Lock Screen app is a fun, customizable, and secure way to unlock your phone. With its bright colors, unique zipper unlock method, and many personalization options, it’s a great way to make your device truly your own.

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