Set Full DP: Say Goodbye to Cropped Profile Pictures – Full Size DP Maker for WhatsApp

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Are you tired of cropping your favorite photos just to fit them as your WhatsApp profile picture? Do you wish you could set a full-size DP without losing any part of your cherished memories?

Well, look no further! With the Make Full Size DP for WhatsApp app, you can now set your profile picture in its entirety, without any annoying cropping.

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Why Use Make Full-Size DP for WhatsApp App?

Full Size DP Maker for WhatsApp
Full Size DP Maker for WhatsApp (Play Store)

1. No More Cropping Headaches:

Say goodbye to the frustration of having to crop your photos to fit into the tiny square box of WhatsApp profile pictures.

With this app, you can set your full-size DP effortlessly, ensuring that none of your precious memories are left out.

2. Easy Editing Options:

This app comes equipped with a range of editing options to enhance your profile picture. You can rotate, resize, and adjust your photo with just a few simple taps.

Plus, you can add effects, blur the background, and even apply gradients and colors to make your DP stand out.

3. Convenient Photo Selection:

Whether you want to choose a photo from your phone gallery or snap a new one using your device’s camera, the choice is yours.

With Make Full-Size DP for WhatsApp, you have the flexibility to select any picture you desire for your profile.

4. Seamless Integration with WhatsApp:

Once you’ve perfected your profile picture using the app’s editing features, you can instantly set it as your WhatsApp DP with just a single tap.

No more hassle of saving and uploading pictures manually – this app makes the process quick and effortless.

Important Point:

Make Full Size DP App
Make Full Size DP App Image (Google)

The main reason why we chose this Make Full Size DP application is that it has received a good Google rating in the past few months.

How we know it is that when we search Google for “Make Full Size DP“, this DP application is shown in the first part, which is said to be a zero ranking. It mentioned December 6, 2023, as the (Update) date.

That’s why we started writing this article so that we can also recommend it. The reason is that Google Recommendation is considered an important security feature.

That is, it is true that Google will always recommend only the good and that is only in the interest of the users.

Note: Google will continue to recommend it if it keeps providing good updates. Or know that if a better Make Full-Size DP application comes out in the future, it will be recommended for you on the first page of Google.

How to Use Make Full Size DP for WhatsApp App:

WhatsApp DP Size Converter Video Tutorial

Select Your Photo: Choose any photo from your phone gallery or take a new one using the app’s camera feature.

Adjust the Size: Select the size for your profile picture or use the free-size option to drag and adjust the photo without losing any part of it.

Edit Your Picture: Rotate, resize, and crop your photo as desired. You can also add effects, blur the background, and customize it to your liking.

Set as WhatsApp DP: Once you’re satisfied with the edits, simply save your changes and set the picture as your WhatsApp DP directly from the app.

Get full-size pics with just a tap! No crop, no hassle. Try now!

Make Full Size DP

Set full-size WhatsApp DP effortlessly! No more cropping headaches. Download now for stunning profile pics!


It’s important to note that Make Full Size DP for WhatsApp is not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. This Make Full-Size DP app is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be associated with any social media app.


With Make Full-Size DP for WhatsApp, you can finally say goodbye to cropped profile pictures and hello to showcasing your favorite memories in their entirety. Download the app today and make your WhatsApp DP stand out from the crowd!

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[Total: 8 Average: 4.4]
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