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Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Nokia N95 Style Launcher app, designed to bring the iconic Nokia N95 experience to modern smartphones. Fond memories of flipping open your first cell phone or jamming out to polyphonic ringtones? This app brings the past to life, recreating vintage mobile experiences with eerily familiar UIs. We’re about to lift the curtain on a launcher that’s been making waves – here’s what you need to know.

Key Details You Should Know:

App NameNokia N95 Style Launcher
Official SourcePlay Store
Current InstallationsOver 50,000 downloads
App SizeApproximately 40MB
DeveloperColor Studios
App PolicyRead more here
Initial ReleaseDecember 16, 2022
Last UpdateJanuary 18, 2024
DisclaimerThis app is a fan creation and not affiliated with Nokia Corporation.

Revisiting the Nokia N95 Interface

The Nokia N95 Style Launcher app faithfully recreates the beloved user interface of the classic Nokia N95 phone, offering users a nostalgic journey back to simpler times. Nokia’s retro charm shines bright in this app, which is basically a time machine for anyone who ever owned (or lusted after) one of their stylish handsets.

  • Nokia N95 Style Launcher Theme: Experience the familiar home screen style of the Nokia N95, bringing back the look and feel of an era when Nokia dominated the mobile phone market.
  • T9 Nokia Keypad: Emulates the classic T9 keypad for easy, intuitive text input, reminiscent of the era when physical buttons were the norm.
  • Authentic Home Screen Design: Provides users with the exact user interface of the original Nokia N95, complete with its distinctive icons and layout.

Practical Shortcuts and Hotkeys

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Nokia N95 Style Launcher app incorporates practical features that enhance user convenience and functionality.

  • Long Press End Call for Launcher Switch: Users can effortlessly switch between the Nokia N95 Style Launcher and their default launcher with a long press of the end call button, offering seamless transitions.
  • Hot Key Navigation:
    • Top Key: Instantly activates the flashlight, providing quick access to illumination.
    • Right Key: Launches the camera application for swift photo capturing.
    • Bottom Key: Directly opens the contacts list, facilitating rapid communication.
    • Left Key: Accesses the messaging app with a single press, simplifying text messaging.

Customization Options

Recognizing the importance of personalization, the Nokia N95 Style Launcher app offers various customization settings to tailor the user experience to individual preferences.

  • Settings Screen: Allows users to personalize their device with options for wallpaper selection, device naming, and custom Nokia-themed visuals, enhancing aesthetic appeal and user satisfaction.

Technical Specifications

  • Compact App Size: With a size of approximately 40MB, the Nokia N95 Style Launcher app ensures minimal impact on device storage while delivering a rich, nostalgic experience.
  • Getting Inside the Developer’s Mindset With impeccable taste, Color Studios has recreated the Nokia N95 interface in their app, bringing back fond memories and the promise of reliability.
  • Source and Updates: Available for download on the Play Store, the app benefits from regular updates, including the most recent update on January 18, 2024, ensuring compatibility and functionality improvements over time.
  • Contact Information: Users seeking support or wishing to provide feedback can reach out to the developer at, ensuring responsive communication and user engagement.

Our Communities Rely on Your Input – Ratings and Reviews

The numbers are astounding – 50,000+ downloads and best user reviews demonstrate the tremendous popularity of the Nokia N95 Style Launcher app among two distinct crowds: those who yearn for the good old days and those who crave a superior smartphone experience.

Release and Update History

  • Initial Release Date: December 16, 2022
  • Latest Update: January 18, 2024

Regular updates underscore the developer’s commitment to enhancing user experience and addressing potential issues, ensuring ongoing satisfaction and usability.

Important Disclaimer

Nokia N95 Style Launcher Full Review
Nokia N95 Style Launcher Full Review (Play Store Image)

It’s essential to note that the Nokia N95 Style Launcher app is a fan-created application and lacks official affiliation with Nokia Corporation. While it faithfully replicates the Nokia N95 interface, users should be aware that it does not represent an official product of Nokia.

Install the Nokia N95 Style Launcher App!

Nokia N95 Style Launcher

The Nokia N95 Style Launcher app: relive classic Nokia charm with T9 keypad, hotkey navigation, and customizable themes on your modern smartphone.

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