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With Sound Amplifier, you can amplify your sound like never before. Whether you need a sound amplifier free, a louder volume Amplifier, or a super loud volume booster, we have everything you need to take your listening to the next level.

Published ByPlay Store
App RoleVolume BoosterVolume Control
Downloads (Nowadays)10,000+ downloads
Offered ByTotalTechApps
Download Size11MB
Release DateMay 1, 2021

The ultimate Android app for all your sound needs – Sound Amplifier Free. Whether you’re looking for a headphone volume booster or a super hearing amplifier, we’ve got you covered with our range of powerful features.

Our Louder Volume Booster and Phone Volume Amplifier options will take your listening to the next level, providing a boost in volume and clarity like no other.

You can also use our Louder Volume Control to adjust the speaker volume booster to your preferred level, without losing any free sound booster quality.

If you need a hearing assist, the Live Listen and Voice Amplifier functions are perfect for you. Live Listen allows you to use your phone as a remote microphone and transmit sound directly to your headphones, while Voice Amplifier enhances speech and makes it easier to understand.

For those who love music, our Music Amplifier and Ultimate Ears and Beats Headphone Volume Booster options will deliver a powerful, high-quality sound that will bring your music to life. And the best part? The Sound Amplifier is Free, without having to pay a penny.


  • Super Loud Volume Booster – Boost your phone’s volume to its maximum capacity for your music, videos, and speaker calls.
  • Voice Amplifier – Enhance speech and make it easier to understand, perfect for those with hearing difficulties or attending lectures.
  • Music Amplifier – Customize the sound output to your liking and favorite songs with an enhanced, high-quality sound.
  • Louder Phone Volume Booster – Boost your phone’s volume and make your speaker calls clearer and easier to hear.
  • Louder Volume Control – Adjust the volume to your preferred level without losing any sound quality.
  • Sound Amplifier Free – Access all of our features for free and enjoy high-quality listening the music.
  • Super Hearing Amplifier – Amplify sound to the max volume level and experience a powerful, high-quality sound like no other.
  • Hearing Assist – Our app as a hearing assist makes conversations and lectures easier to hear, perfect for those with hearing difficulties.

Provides the ultimate sound amplifier with powerful features such as a sound booster, louder volume booster, and volume amplifier.

With the headphone volume booster option, you can enhance your speaker experience and enjoy every beat and note with ultimate clarity.


  • Make Music Louder: Amplify the sound of your favorite songs to enjoy the Music Max volume booster.
  • Voice Enhancer: If you’re having difficulty hearing conversations or lectures, our voice enhancer feature can help.
  • Sound Enhancer: Our sound enhancer feature improves the sound quality of your speaker, making everything you listen to sound more vibrant.
  • Louder Volume Amplifier: Boost the volume of your phone to the maximum capacity.
  • Super Hearing Amplifier: With our super hearing amplifier feature, you can amplify sound to the maximum level.
  • Audio Enhancer: Enhance the sound of your phone’s audio and listening experience.
  • Louder Volume Booster for iPhone Free: including our free volume booster feature, on your Phone.
  • Headphone Volume Booster: Get the most out of your headphones and every beat and note with ultimate clarity.

Download Sound Amplifier free now and experience the ultimate in sound amplification.

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