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Unlocking Secrets: Illuminate Your World with the Vault Torch!
Torch Vault- Hide Photo, video

Play Store Vault Torch App Download

SitePlay Store
App RoleTorch Vault
Released onMar 31, 2019
Nowadays RequiresAndroid 7.1 and up
App PolicyPolicy
Download Size4 MB

Torch Vault(Secret Gallery locker app) is an app that lock & hide your personal photos and videos from your phone gallery.

Torch Vault is the Gallery vault app can Hide Photos, Hide Videos and more files, No one can know that you have installed gallery vault app, Its looks like a Simple Torch app, But you can hide and lock your personal files after you long press on Torch title and Entering a Secret Pincode.

This app is disguised itself as Torch app which can be use to turn On/Off LED light. and if you long press on Torch title The actual Vault will be open.

Hide and save your photos/videos from your phone gallery and easily access them using Pincode or Finger lock(If available on your phone) in torch vault app.

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Note: Hide Photos, Videos, Audio, Note files Easily.

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Unlocking Secrets: Illuminate Your World with the Vault Torch!
Torch Vault- Hide Photo,video
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Core Features

Hide photos/Videos: Hide your personal photos and videos by encrypting in this secret vault.

Hide Audio files: Also can Hide and lock your personal Audio files.

Hide/Save Notes: Create or Hide your secret and personal note files.

Protected with Pincode: Your all locked files is protected by a secret Pincode.

Unlock files easily: You can unlock/unhide your locked files easily back to your phone gallery.

vault torch

Note: Its a easy and smart way to hide your personal photos and videos.

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