Safe Dialpad: Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video

Mobile is the main help to communicate with other people, that is we can open the mobile dial pad and enter the 10-digit mobile number of someone and talk to them.

But the main highlight is that you can hide your secret photos, videos, documents and more secrets behind the same dial pad without anyone knowing.

Well, this thing is possible, and you can do it with the help of the Google Play Store, this is the article about the Dialer Vault application which gives you this great opportunity.

Also, the Dialer Vault application featured in this article is taken from the Google Play Store, information taken from there. For example, photos, comments made by the developer, and download options are all available in this article.

So, with this you can always hide your documents secretly, no one will know about the hidden thing, that’s its main feature, not only help. So, let’s take a look at the clear information about this and get the chance to download it.

dialer vault hide photo video
Safe Dialpad: Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video 9

How does the Dialer Vault app work?

As far as this Dialer Vault application is concerned, it is a dial pad application where you can set a specific digit number as a password, and when you enter that number and press the dial pad, it automatically opens the back half.

It is noteworthy that in such an opening room you can hide your secret documents, it will be safe enough that no one can guess it and it will be a royal trick that it cannot be opened.

dialer vault hide photo video app on play store

App RoleVault
ReferGoogle Play Store
OfferPhotoable Montage LLC
Download (Nowadays)50K+ (158 reviews)

Within the realm of privacy fortification, behold Dialer Lock, a splendid guardian app, adroit in veiling and encrypting your images, videos, sounds, manuscripts, applications, and covert artifacts from prying eyes.

Dialer Lock, the elusive custodian of your secrets, obscures and fortifies your phone’s troves from the inquisitive gaze. A clandestine sanctuary for your essence, ensuring your privacy remains an enigma shrouded in enigmatic depths.

Effortlessly, it assimilates your confidential photographs, videos, sounds, and papers into its secure sanctum, a clandestine vault where the shadows of existence dissolve into the abyss of anonymity.

A chameleon of purpose, Dialer Locker adorns the facade of a commonplace dialer for routine use, a disguise to the uninitiated. Embrace the usual dialer functions—converse, browse contacts, mark favorites, among its gamut of capabilities.

In the mystical tapestry of digital defenses, Dialer Lock extends an eldritch veil, concealing its very being, ensuring an impervious fortress for your secrets. A sanctuary unbeknownst to the uninitiated, a clandestine abode concealed in the folds of the application tapestry.


  • Safeguard your cherished moments – photos, videos, sounds, manuscripts, and more – with the esoteric guardian, Dialer Lock.
  • Veil your visual memoirs, audio chronicles, and sundry files.
  • Encrypt all that’s hidden, a cryptographic embrace.
  • A swift and fluid dialing experience.
  • An ethereal, lightweight dialing entity.
  • Initiate calls with simplicity, reaching out to cherished and recent contacts.
  • Adorn the cloak of assorted themes for the dialer’s sanctuary and the application’s secretive vestibule.
  • Encode numbers as passkeys, uttering them to unlock the arcane realms within your device.
  • Intruder’s visage captured, a sentinel of unauthorized endeavors.
  • Aegis of Uninstall Prevention, warding off attempts to dispel this guardian, preserving your troves.
  • Effortlessly veil contacts, unveiling them only when needed for discourse and correspondence.
  • A recourse to passcode reclamation, fortified by security interrogatives.
  • Ingress to concealment; a voyage through customized album appellations, folder birthings, file christenings, shares, and erasures.
  • A cinematic sojourn within the video vault, adorned with a player for your enshrined tales.
  • Craft your images with precision – cropping, rotating, and zooming within the landscape of the photo.
  • Shroud images, obscure videos, and cloak diverse files, an esoteric concealment.
  • Encrypt the shadows within.

Demo Images For dialer vault hide App

  • intruder selfie dialer vault hide photo
  • Private notes dialer vault
  • Document files dialer vault
  • dialer vault lock system

Initiating Dialer:

  • Engage a sequence, for instance, 987654321, and beckon the realms with the CALL’s utterance, birthing your inaugural passphrase.
  • Unveil the pantheon, guarding your memoirs—photos, videos, sounds, manuscripts, musings, and the cryptic relics.
  • Imbue this as the sentinel of your applications; where passcodes part the veil granting passage.
  • A sentry to capture intruders, guardianship manifested.
  • As a dialer draped in secrecy, Dialer Lock grants a facile communion, a roster of contacts and favorites unveiled.
  • Engage in discourse through the veil of simplicity.

How to Download Dialer Vault?

As for the opportunity to download the application, go directly to the Google Play Store and download it, it is worth noting that the opportunity to go there will be given to you through our article, scroll down to get it.

Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video
Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video

The information below will be in two ways, both of which will give you the option to go to the Play Store and install it, check it out and take advantage of it:

Regarding the first installation part, if you like the information that we have read and understood for so long, then you can decide to go to the play store immediately if you think that this is enough. People who decide to go this way click this section.

Regarding the second install section, a section that collects and summarizes the comments that the developer has made about the application and its performance will give you the correct feedback without modification.

So, after watching that section you can go to the Play Store and access the green button below, both are created just for your needs.

Dialer Lock – Sanctum Sentinel Veils Photo Video & Apps, your custodian for clandestine visual chronicles, auditory tales, parchment narratives, and concealed archives. Veil your memories, and let the world be blind to their existence, within the sanctified realm known as Dialer Lock.

In the Theater of Inquiry:

Below we have listed some frequently asked questions and answers related to the Dialer Vault Hide Photo Video App which we hope will help you too:

How does Dialer Lock cloak my memories in secrecy?

In the shadows of encryption, Dialer Lock becomes the elusive keeper, donning a cloak of cryptographic whispers. Your cherished moments, photos, and tales are wrapped in the enigmatic shroud, hidden from prying eyes.

Can I dance through the shadows of Dialer Lock with ease?

Yes, for the dialer dons a nimble cloak, light as a feather, swift as a zephyr’s breath. Navigate the labyrinth of secrecy, make calls, and embrace your favorites, all with an ethereal grace.

What ensnares the unwelcome trespassers within Dialer Lock’s sanctuary?

The eyes of the unwanted, the hands that seek without permission, are captured in the web of the Intruder’s gaze. A photograph of their audacity, a testimony etched in light, for you to discern their indiscretions.

Can Dialer Lock stand firm against attempts to unshackle its guardianship?

Indeed, it weaves a spell of Uninstall Protection, an invisible ward against those who dare to dispel its magic. It guards your troves, your images, your symphonies, with an unyielding resolve.

How can I summon my memories from the depths of Dialer Lock’s embrace?

With a secret question whispered, a riddle answered, the passcode may be reborn. A key to unlock the gates, to bring forth your hidden treasures, nestled within the embrace of security.

Note: In this ethereal realm of inquiries and revelations, Dialer Lock awaits, a poetic symphony of secrets and guardianship.

Let’s talk about this Dialer Vault article

Generally, everyone has their own secrets on mobile, which cannot be deleted for fear of others. Because it can carry your blossoming memories for a long time, so this is a good article for those who want to keep it safely hidden till the end, or for some time.

Note: Applications published from the Play Store are published after following the policy of Google Play Store.

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