Black Screen Lock:

Introducing the "Hide Screen" application

By M Raj

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August 07, 2023

Floating Eye:

A simple and user-friendly tool designed to safeguard your screen from prying eyes.

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Hide Screen:

With "Hide Screen," you can discreetly shield your phone's display from onlookers.

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Handy Feature:

This feature comes in handy when you need to play games or use autoplay mode without drawing unwanted attention.

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Save Battery:

By dimming the screen without affecting its functionality, the app helps conserve your device's battery life.

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Secure Gaming:

Protect your gaming sessions from the curious gaze of others, ensuring a private and uninterrupted experience.

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Screen Guard:

This app acts as a reliable screen guard, preventing accidental touches or tampering while your phone is in use.

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Double Tap:

Easily activate the screen hiding function with a double tap, making it convenient to switch between hidden and visible modes.

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Triple Tap:

The triple tap feature allows you to customize the app according to your preferences, enabling effortless control.

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Beautiful UI:

Enjoy a visually appealing and eye-catching user interface that complements the app's functionality.

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Thanks For Watching!

"Hide Screen" is your go-to solution for an undisturbed mobile experience.

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