Hide Screen: Conceal Your Black Eye and Privacy from Prying Eyes

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What we’re going to look at in this article is something completely different, it’s a secure Hide Screen application. A different method will create a shield on your mobile screen.

That means the mobile screen will turn black and the mobile won’t unlock no matter what other people do. For example, if we are using a lock then a fingerprint or number lock will appear on the display of the mobile and then they will try to open it.

But if the display is completely black with no way around, no one will even get a chance to try. As interesting as it is to listen to, it’s even more interesting when you use it.

This Hide Screen application is available through the play store, so it’s amazing that an application that can protect the phone is available from an extra secure domain. So, let’s see this Hide Screen App information.

Note: Also, this Hide Screen application provides many information and help, you can see all of them one by one. That means you can find complete information about how it works and how to download it.

Hide Screen App Play Store

App RoleScreen Lock » (psapp.in)
ReferGoogle Play Store
OfferBackground Remover, Photo Eraser & Help Full Apps
Download (Nowadays)10K+
Developer Contactkthubinfotech@gmail.com

How does Hide Screen App work?

As for this Hide Screen application, a flat icon will float on your phone’s display, and the icon will look like a human eye.

As soon as you touch it your phone screen goes black all over and if you want to make it work again you need to continuously tap the mobile screen two or three times and only then it will unlock.

And you can decide how many times to tap it, and it also supports the vault app, more features may be added in the future.

How to download?

Many people have done this only through the play store, we also have a chance to download it, more people are likely to download it in the future, so you also install it to the google play store. You will get that opportunity through our article.

Hide Screen Black Lock App
Hide Screen Black Lock App

Chance to install

In this article you are given the best help for Hide Screen app install option, they are two option which is more understanding:

First Chance: Go directly to the play store and download it, if you do that first we know you are a person who trusts the play store like us.

Second Chance: Maybe a private section is designed for those who want to go to the play store if they want to see more details, and comments from the creator, use the green button below to reach that section.

Let’s talk about Hide Screen!

It is important to note that we usually lock the phone with multiple methods and multiple applications, and that screen lock gives other people a chance to guess, unlock or try.

But after seeing this article, this black screen lock doesn’t give you a chance to try, it looks like your mobile is switched off and no matter what you do, the screen won’t turn on.

Such a special application has the power to fool others and has the quality of protecting your phone. So, definitely try it and recommend it to your friends. Thanks for your visit.

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Note: All the article you see in this PsApp website section is only the information collected by Play Store based on the date of publication of that article. It also includes the comments of the developer of the application, just for your better understanding.
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