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Everyone has some secrets on their phone, be it photos, videos or documents. But that is not wrong, for there can be no man without secrets.

The main reason to say that privacy in mobile is for everyone is that in today’s era, mobile is half the body of a human being. Because he stores all relevant information in it.

And if he is not mobile, he feels as if he has lost a vital organ. Because the information in the mobile, the mobile phone numbers in the mobile, everything brings the world into his hands.

Yes, it can be used to communicate with someone from where you are and to capture and record your favorite moments wherever you go. However, some of the documents may not be shared with everyone.

In this situation, you can’t delete so much out of fear of others. Because photos, videos etc. can bring back old memories. So, when we feel like hiding such poisons, we need help.

The main thing is that the help should be safe and one such application is in this article. True, this Torch Vault application is safe because if we are hiding or giving away an item then the person to whom we are giving should be a good person. Because then he will keep our things safe.

In that way feel free to use the Torch Vault application which is currently discussed in the article. Because it’s a Google Play Store application, it’s in the Play Store since 2020. If it’s been on play store for almost three years, then we can consider it reliable.

Play Store Torch Vault App

Torch Vault App On Play Store

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Is this a good Torch Vault application?

Yes it’s the best Torch Vault app, that’s why play store keeps offering it or else remove it.

How to use it?

You will get many opportunities in this. Yes, it has secret compartments, if you press and hold the secret for a while, a half will open at the back, and in that room, you can hide all the documents you need.

There is an option to hide multiple documents with a single application. But as always it will do the torch light job, it will help you turn on and off the mobile flashlight to illuminate the darkness.

How to download?

You can directly go to the Google Play Store and download it immediately. There are two ways to download it immediately and view more details. Both of them are long waiting for you in the article let’s move down.

Torch Vault Photo,Video Lock
Torch Vault App

The first chance is that if the discussions we have discussed through this article have made up your mind, then click this section to go to the play store immediately from here.

The second possibility is that the person who created this application and gave (submitted) it to the play store, i.e. after seeing the comments given by the developer can go to the play store. Click the green button below to view the comment unchanged.

Let’s talk about Torch Vault:

You should not delete any information on mobile for fear of anyone. Now hide all the things on your phone safely and that too without anyone knowing what you are hiding.

Yes, it would be a huge feat if that were the case, and no one would ever think to open it. We are proud to provide such information through play store.

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