STORE 5 GB Yandex Disk: Free File Cloud Storage

In today’s having a reliable place to store your photos, videos, and documents is essential. That’s where Yandex Disk comes in.

This storage app offers a FREE 5GB of cloud storage to all new users and provides many other features to make your digital life easier.

With over 50 million downloads and 476,000 reviews, Yandex Disk is a popular choice for many.

Free 5GB Storage

Every new user of Yandex Disk gets 5GB of FREE space. This means you can store a significant amount of photos, videos, and documents without spending a penny. If you need more space, Yandex offers premium plans that give you up to 3TB of storage.

Automatic Uploads

Yandex Disk makes it simple to keep your photos and videos safe. The app can automatically upload your files from your phone to the cloud. This means you don’t have to worry about losing your important memories if something happens to your device.

Accessibility on Any Device

One of the best things about Yandex Disk is that it’s available on all your devices. Whether you’re using a computer, phone, or tablet, you can access your files anytime, anywhere. Just install the free app, and you’re good to go.

Smart Search

Finding files is a breeze with Yandex Disk. The app has a smart search feature that lets you search for words like “Passport” or “Cat,” and it will find all related images and documents. This saves you time and makes organizing your files much easier.

Easy Sharing

Sharing your files is simple with Yandex Disk. You can create links to your photos, videos, or documents and share them via messenger or email. This is perfect for sharing vacation photos with friends or sending work documents to colleagues.

Video Meetings

Yandex Disk also includes a feature called Yandex Telemost, which lets you arrange video meetings. You can have video calls with your family or work team without switching to other apps like Zoom or Skype. The best part? There are no time restrictions on your calls.

Unlimited Photo and Video Storage

With a Yandex 360 Premium plan, you get unlimited photo and video storage. This means you can free up space on your phone by uploading your files to the cloud. Even if you delete them from your device, they’ll still be safe in your Yandex Disk.

Security and Reliability

Yandex Disk is a Russian cloud-based storage service that ensures your data is always safe. Your files are stored in multiple copies across different data centers in Russia, which means you’ll always have access to them. Plus, Yandex Disk has built-in virus scanning and encryption to keep your files secure.

App Download Information

  • App Size: 106MB only
  • Offered By: Direct Cursus Computer Systems Trading LLC
  • Released On: September 5, 2012
  • Last Update: June 10, 2024

Install Free 5GB Cloud Storage App!

Yandex Disk—file cloud storage

Get 5GB of Free Cloud Storage! Automatically upload, access from any device, smart search, easy sharing, and unlimited photo/video storage with Yandex Disk.

Contact Information

For any questions or support, you can contact the developers at You can also check out the app’s policy at Yandex Disk App Policy.

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