Touch Mobile: Who Touched My Phone App

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As much as we can, we lock the mobile (lock screen) as safe as possible, but without our knowledge and without our permission, others try to open our mobile and see some stolen information.

It’s true guys!! It could be people near you, people in your house, or loved ones who know your password. She entered the password by mistake while trying to unlock it and needed to find it.

A small example! No matter how much someone knows our password, sometimes there is a chance that he might enter the wrong password. Because we who often enter the password sometimes enter it wrongly. If someone tries to open it, once he enters the wrong password, his photo will be captured by the front camera of the phone.

This is the key!! It will show you the photo taken so that you can easily know who tried to unlock your phone and what that person’s face looks like. Yes, this Who Touched My Phone application is taken from play store with many such features only for security.

And it has attracted many people now, and it has also attracted us, which is why it is a highly used application by our team. So, we are here to help you by giving a clear explanation about this and provide a downloadable option.

Note: This Who Touched My Phone android application is downloaded and used by more than one lakh people, this information is collected based on the date of publication of the article, it is noted that it may be added in the future, which means the install may increase.

And more importantly it is only 9 MBs so it doesn’t overburden the mobile but also doesn’t compromise on security so come and get a chance to download this application.

Touch Mobile: Who Touched My Phone App
Touch Mobile: Who Touched My Phone App 10

Who Touched My Phone App On Play Store

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Official SitePlay Store
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Published byDice App Studio
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According to the Who Touched My Phone app developer

The instructions you’ve provided seem to be for using an app called “WTMP App” to monitor and capture information about unauthorized access attempts on your smartphone. Here’s a breakdown of how to use this app:

Using Who Touched My Phone App:

  • Open the App: Launch the WTMP App on your smartphone.
  • Enable Monitoring: Within the app’s settings, enable monitoring. This likely involves configuring the app to start capturing information when your device is locked or accessed without your authorization.
  • Close the App: After enabling monitoring, you can close the app. The monitoring will continue to run in the background.
  • Lock Your Device: Lock your smartphone by either turning off the screen or locking it manually.

Capture Unauthorized Access:

  • When someone attempts to unlock your smartphone (e.g., by entering a PIN or pattern), the app will take a picture discreetly in the background.
  • The app will also maintain a list of the apps that the intruder opens or interacts with.

Generate Reports:

  • Full reports, including the list of opened apps, will be saved by the app if someone tries to unlock your smartphone without your permission.
  • These reports are likely meant to help you understand and identify unauthorized access attempts.

Uninstalling the App:

It’s important to note that this app uses a Device Admin Receiver to monitor PIN or pattern attempts for security purposes. To uninstall the app, you must first deactivate the Device Admin Receiver:

  • Access the app’s settings or interface.
  • Look for an option to deactivate the Device Admin Receiver, which may be found in the in-app settings. Follow the instructions to disable it.
  • Once the Device Admin Receiver is deactivated, you should be able to uninstall the app from your device in the usual manner.

Image Examples Of Who Touched My Phone app

  • Catch Smartphone Intruders with Ease
  • WTMP Pro: Secure Your Smartphone with Intruder Detection
  • WTMP Pro: Guarding Your Phone Camera & Apps
  • WTMP Pro: Catch Intruders Who Access Your Phone!
  • WTMP Pro: Secure Your Phone's Privacy

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or need assistance with the app, you can contact the app developer at the provided email address: Make sure to write your inquiries in English for clarity.

How do I install the Touch app on my phone?

To download Who Touched My Phone app you need to go directly to the Google Play Store and install it, only then you will get a compliant application. So let’s travel to get the opportunity to go there.

Who Touched My Phone App Download
Touch Mobile: Who Touched My Phone App 11

The first option is to go directly to the Google Play Store and download Who Touched My Phone App, which can be accessed from this section, and if you want to take that option, you should be satisfied with the information you have read in this article. If you are satisfied with that then click on this section.

The second possibility is the comments made by the developer who designed the application, those who wish to read those comments without modification, click on the green button below, and after reading it, you can directly go to the Play Store from that area.

What is the “Who Touched My Phone” application?

This “Who Touched My Phone” is a security application available on the Play Store, designed to enhance the safety of your mobile device. It captures photos of anyone who tries to unlock your phone without your permission.

Can the app help me identify who tried to unlock my phone?

Yes, the app captures a photo of the person attempting to unlock your phone, allowing you to see the face of the individual who tried to access your device without your consent.

Let’s talk about this Who Touched My Phone article!

Mobile should be used very safely, that’s what matters. Because it stores a lot of information, so we are proud to provide a free and safe Play Store application for that matter. And keep using it and give us your support as we will continue to provide future good applications as well.

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Note: All the article you see in this PsApp website section is only the information collected by Play Store based on the date of publication of that article. It also includes the comments of the developer of the application, just for your better understanding.
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