Capture Photo: Advanced Intruder Capture and Phone Security

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Who Touched Your Phone, when this word comes out of someone’s mouth, it comes out very angry, because even if you take someone’s money, you don’t get angry, but if you touch their phone without permission, you get so angry.

Yes, there is a major reason for this, for example in today’s age a man stores 90 percent of his important information on mobile which includes many things like money related information and social media chats for relationships.

So, the moment he takes his mobile apart, i.e., charging it, taking a bath, or sleeping, he gets very angry if someone tries to open it without his permission.

And if someone sees his important documents or deletes them, he will lose a lot, so he will be confused as to who did this deed and will ask a question about who took his phone.

True, so this (Who Touched Your Phone) article is here to get rid of this issue, provide better protection and let him know who has taken his phone. And this article can help you with a great Who Touched Your Phone application found through Google Play Store.

Also, it is important to note that this Intruder Capture application was published by Google Play Store after following the policy.

We hope you have understood the clear explanation of this article by now. And we are looking forward to giving you all the answers to some questions and allowing you to install the application as a Play Store case.

Wrang password capture photo
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Play Store Privacy Defense and Intruder Detection App

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Intruder Capture – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Intruder Capture?

Intruder Capture is an Android security app developed by Fox byte Code that helps you identify individuals who attempt to access your smartphone without your authorization.

The app uses a hidden camera to take a selfie of anyone who enters an incorrect PIN, password, or pattern, allowing you to keep track of unauthorized access attempts.

How does Intruder Capture work?

The app activates the front camera of your device when someone enters an incorrect unlock code.

If the unlock attempt fails, the app discreetly captures a selfie of the intruder. You can then view the intruder’s photo in a password-protected gallery within the app. Maybe if you want to see more details of this, please see the YouTube video here.

What actions trigger Intruder Capture’s camera activation?

Intruder Capture’s camera is activated when someone enters an incorrect PIN, password, or pattern to unlock your device. This feature helps you identify individuals attempting unauthorized access.

What types of locks does Intruder Capture work with?

Intruder Capture works with various locking mechanisms, including passwords, PIN codes, and pattern locks. It detects failed attempts to unlock your device using any of these methods.

Is the app discreet and silent?

Yes, Intruder Capture operates silently and discreetly. It captures the intruder’s selfie without any visible indications, ensuring that the person attempting unauthorized access remains unaware of being photographed.

Play Store Intruder Capture App
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Does Intruder Capture drain my battery or use a lot of memory?

No, the app is designed to have a minimal impact on your device’s battery life and memory usage. It’s optimized to operate efficiently without causing significant performance issues.

Can I protect individual apps and my lock screen with Intruder Capture?

Yes, the app offers both Lock Screen and App protection. This means it can help you identify unauthorized access attempts not only on your lock screen but also within specific apps that you choose to protect.

Can I hide the intruder photos captured by the app?

Yes, you have the option to hide the intruder photos captured by Intruder Capture. This provides an additional layer of privacy, ensuring that only authorized users can access and view these photos.

Does the app record the time and date of each intruder photo?

Yes, each intruder photo captured by Intruder Capture includes a timestamp that indicates the date and time when the unauthorized access attempt occurred.

How can I uninstall Intruder Capture?

To uninstall the app, you can follow these steps:

A. Open the app’s menu and select “Uninstall.”
B. If that doesn’t work, go to your Android device’s Settings.
C. Navigate to “Security” and then “Device Admins.”
D. Deactivate the Intruder Capture app as a device administrator.
E. Once deactivated, you can proceed to uninstall the app from your device.

Why does Intruder Capture require Device Administrator permission?

The app needs the Device Administrator’s permission to detect failed unlock attempts.

This permission is essential for the app to accurately identify and capture intruders who attempt unauthorized access to your device.

Please note that the information provided here is based on the details you provided about the app, and it’s always recommended to refer to the official app documentation and terms for the most accurate information.

How to install Who Touched Your Phone application?

You can install this Wrong Password Capture selfie application directly by going to the google play store, that’s how everyone installs, and we will suggest the same in all our articles.

Because Google Play Store is functional in the interest of users, so feel free to download, Google Play Store is always aware of your security. So, let’s travel a little further down to get a chance to install, don’t be discouraged.

Intruder Capture App
YouTube Image

Download option

Below is the section that gives you a better understanding of how to install Intruder Capture application on your mobile:

First part: If you have traveled through this article and want to install immediately, that is, if you trust Google Play Store, then click on this part and install.

Second Chance: Second Chance is the comment section of the developer who created this application, you can download it after going to that section and see more details, the option to go there is given in the green button below.

Protect Your Privacy with Intruder Capture!

Are you concerned about the security of your smartphone? Worried about unauthorized access to your personal information? Introducing Intruder Capture, the ultimate Android security app developed by Foxbyte Code.

Download Now and Enjoy These Key Benefits:

Immediate Intruder Detection: Our hidden camera technology activates when someone tries to unlock your phone without your permission. Get instant selfies of potential intruders!

Lock Screen & App Protection: Safeguard not only your lock screen but also specific apps with sensitive information. Stay in control of your privacy like never before.

Silent & Efficient: Intruder Capture operates discreetly, ensuring that intruders are caught without alerting them. Minimal impact on your battery life and memory.

Secure Photo Gallery: Easily view and manage intruder selfies in a password-protected gallery. Keep your evidence safe and secure.

Time & Date Stamps: Each captured photo includes a timestamp, letting you know exactly when the unauthorized access attempt occurred.

Don’t compromise your privacy. Take control of your smartphone’s security with Intruder Capture.

Download Now and keep an eye on those who attempt to access your device without your consent.

(Note: Remember to review the app’s permissions and terms of use before installing.)

Let’s talk about Intruder Capture App!

Most of the time, whether we buy a mobile phone for more or less money, the information stored in it is priceless. Therefore, it is necessary to protect our information which is so precious (highly important).

do you understand If that is the case then we are here to say that you need to protect the mobile. This is a secure Intruder Capture application that helps with that. And it can be downloaded and used from the secure Google Play Store.

Importantly, our team is more than happy to recommend this Who Touched Your Phone application and we started writing this article after downloading and using it on our phones and our team’s dependents.

Note: Use this compulsorily, recommend it to all your relatives, relatives, friends, and let them know if anyone opens their mobile without permission.

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