Side Volume Button Magic Fake Screen Lock

Here you are going to see one of the best Fake Screen Lock application you have ever seen, and for this application it will be a fake lock application. Sometimes we are more afraid of the false thing than we are of the real thing.

It’s like this, when there are real lock applications that try to unlock it, sometimes they fail to unlock it or more times they enter the wrong password. But one possibility that this Fake Screen Lock application gives is a back lock screen.

So, it can’t be unlocked no matter what, but it is not a lock, it can be unlocked only by pressing your mobile wall button. Check out this special article in this article.

Also, it is the best application in google play store, it is noted that there are already many YouTube videos about it, we invite you to see clear explanations about it.

Fake Screen Lock App

App RoleScreen Lock
ReferGoogle Play Store
Download (Nowadays)10K+

How Does Fake Screen Lock App Work?

This is a fake lock screen, you can only unlock it with your volume button, it appears on your phone’s home screen, and no matter what you do, your display won’t work.

Because you can only enter your password or fingerprint if the display is working, but how to unlock it if the display is not working? Only then will your mobile phone button work and you can unlock it, which is a great feature

How to download?

Go to the google play store and download this Fake Screen Lock application, we believe that you should download a safe application only from a safe website. So, we have designed the download section differently, check it out.

fake lock
fake lock

Option to install

You will get the option to install in two parts, take a look at the information below to see it clearly:

First chance: This information that you are reading in this article is the first chance, we have given you explanations about the application, if it helps you then you must use it. If you want to use it and want to install it, do it in these parts, it means that the information read in this part is enough for those who do this.

Second chance: The second chance contains the comments made by the developer and after seeing it clearly you can go to google play store only if you want. Otherwise, you can check out our other articles and access the green button below to take a chance. Either way, both are tailored to your needs.

Let’s talk about Fake Screen Lock!

It is important to keep the mobile securely locked because our important information in the mobile is more valuable than the mobile and no one should see it.

For example, photos, videos, chats through social media sites, applications related to our bank, there are many things inside the mobile phone, it is important to protect them.

It means that at some moments when your mobile is not in your hand, others get a chance to take it and use it, applications like this help in a different way to stop it. That’s why we recommend it to you, and if you like, recommend it to your friend.

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