More Dots: App Lock, Secure, and Intruder Capture – Your Privacy Guardian!

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When it comes to mobile, we use many applications, but we forget to protect the applications we use. True, mobile applications are more valuable than our mobile.

The reason is that it can carry a lot of our information, for example someone can take it and use it on our phone, but he should never have the opportunity to use our application.

If he gets there, there is a possibility that our important information will be stolen, it is necessary for you to prevent this thing, and not only to prevent it, but also to know who is trying to do that.

At the same time, you want to know what time he tried to open your application and what his photo was. Yes, what I am saying is true, this is a great Play Store App Lock Android application help.

Not only that, but this application is also used by more than 50 million people to date if so Imagine the work efficiency of this application, everyone is using it because it is such a special application.

This application has been present in the Google Play Store since 2010, This App Lock mobile application which was released in November 2010 till date has attracted 50 million people and guarantees their security, so you can use it too.

sifely smart lock app
sifely smart lock app

Play Store App Lock with Remote Lock App

App RoleApp Lock, Lock App
ReferGoogle Play Store
Download (Nowadays)50M+ (952K reviews)

How does this App Lock work?

This is a great application that helps you lock all the mobile apps on your phone so that the locked apps are not allowed to be opened by anyone other than you.

Maybe if someone else tried it would show you their photo and the exact time, they tried it.

How to install App Lock?

Downloading the application is very easy, you can directly go to the Google Play Store and install it by following the option available through our website article.

Yes, that’s how 50 million people have installed it and we think you’d better follow suit. It is important to note that only then you will get the original application.

Play Store app lock
app lock

App Lock Download

As far as the installation is concerned you are given two options to go to the Google Play Store, see below:

First part to install the application: As far as this part is concerned you can directly go to the installation part, only if you fully trust Google Play Store you can do so immediately, just tap on it.

Second install opportunity: As far as the second install opportunity is concerned, there are people who prefer to go to the Google Play Store after seeing the feedback given by the developer who designed the application. So, there is a dedicated section for them, just touch the below button for that section.

Smart App Lock
Smart App Lock

Let’s talk about App Lock!

Such applications protect the phone, including your apps and personal information on the phone. So benefit from seeing everything clearly and your core application is protected.

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