Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos: The Ultimate Privacy Protection App

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Clock Vault (Secret Photo Locker & Video Locker) is a highly reliable and efficient privacy protection app available on the Google Play Store.

With over 10 million installations and 196,000 reviews, it has gained significant popularity among users seeking to secure their personal photos and videos.

Developed by WS INFOTECH and published on January 10, 2018, this vault app ensures the utmost privacy and confidentiality of your sensitive files. In this article, we will explore the key features, setup process, and important considerations related to Clock Vault.

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App roleVault App
Nowadays Install10M+
Published byWS INFOTECH
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Clock Vault Key Features:

Hide Pictures: Clock Vault allows you to easily hide your personal photos from the gallery by storing them securely in the secret vault. Additionally, it offers features such as photo cropping and rotation within the app’s Picture Viewer.

Hide Videos: The app provides the ability to hide videos of various formats, giving you complete control over your media privacy. You can even play the hidden videos using other video player apps on your device without unlocking the files.

Album Cover Customization: Clock Vault enables you to set personalized album covers for your hidden albums, adding an extra layer of privacy and customization to your vault experience.

Strong Applock Protector: Protect your sensitive apps such as Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, and Email by using Clock Vault’s app locking feature. This ensures that only authorized users can access these applications.

Launcher Icon Change: Enhance the secrecy of Clock Vault by changing the app’s icon to icons like Weather, Music, Calculator, or other options provided. This allows you to disguise the app and maintain a low profile.

Break-in Alert: Activate the automatic capture feature, which takes a picture of anyone attempting to breach the security of Clock Vault. You can view and hide these pictures of potential intruders within the app.

Decoy Vault: Clock Vault offers an additional layer of security through a decoy vault. By inputting a fake password, you can hide your files in this alternate vault to protect your real gallery photo lock.

Private Browser: Access a private web browser within Clock Vault to download and lock photos, hide videos, and safeguard music and audio files from the internet. This feature ensures your browsing history and downloaded files remain confidential.

Video Player: Clock Vault includes a powerful built-in video player that allows you to watch videos directly within the vault. It supports various video formats and ensures a seamless video viewing experience.

Themes for Applock: Customize the lock screen of Clock Vault by choosing from a range of app lock themes. You can even set your gallery image as the background for added personalization.

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Official Site
Download Size9MB
Released onJan 10, 2018
Nowadays Requires5.0 and up
Addresshemkunj society, matavadi, varachha road, Surat, Gujarat, India 395006

Setting up a password:

● Launch the Clock Vault app and observe the clock hands at the 00:00 position.
● Adjust the hour and minute clock hands to set your desired time password.
● Press the middle button of the clock to confirm your password and open the vault.

Unlocking the app:

● Press the centre button of the clock to initiate the unlocking process.
● Manually adjust the clock’s hour and minute hands to the position of your password.
● Press the centre button again to validate your password and unlock the app.

Password Recovery:

If you forget your password to the secret vault, follow these steps:

● Launch Clock Vault and press the middle button of the clock.
● Set the time to 10:10 by moving the hour and minute clock hands.
● Press the middle button again to access the password recovery option. Note that you must have set up the password recovery option in advance to use this feature.

Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos The Ultimate Privacy Protection PsApp
Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos: The Ultimate Privacy Protection App 4

Important Considerations: Local Storage; Clock Vault ensures that all your hidden

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