Safely Hide and Secure Your Private Files

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Audio Manager Vault App is a powerful and secure application available on the Google Play Store. With over 100K+ installations and positive user reviews.

This app serves as a vault to hide and protect your sensitive photos, videos, and audio files. Published by iSwiftAppTechnoLab, this app provides a discreet solution to keep your private files away from prying eyes.

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App roleVault App
Nowadays Install100K+
Published byiSwiftAppTechnoLab
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Hide and Secure App Features:

Hide Photos, Videos, and Audio: Audio Manager Vault App offers a seamless and intuitive interface to hide your photos, videos, and audio files securely. By utilizing a password-protected secret safe gallery, this app ensures that your hidden files remain inaccessible to others. The app cleverly disguises itself as an audio settings manager to maintain its secrecy.

Lock and Hide Files with a Password: To provide an extra layer of security, the app allows you to lock and hide your files using a passcode. This passcode ensures that only authorized users can access your hidden files, keeping your sensitive content safe from unauthorized access.

Empty Vault and Locked Notes: Audio Manager Vault App provides additional features to enhance your privacy. You can empty the vault, which allows you to remove all hidden files in one go. Additionally, the app offers a locked notes feature where you can create and store private notes, similar to a personal locked diary.

Passcode & Fingerprint Protection: Access to the secret gallery lock is protected by either a passcode or fingerprint authentication. You can set up a unique passcode that only you know or use your device’s fingerprint scanner to unlock the vault quickly and conveniently.

Fake Vault: For added security, the app includes a fake vault or decoy vault feature. By entering a specific fake passcode, you can display an empty vault to deceive others, further safeguarding your hidden files.

Unhide & Share: Audio Manager Vault App allows you to easily unhide your files in your selected location. You can access and share your files directly from the app without the need to unhide them permanently, providing convenience while maintaining privacy.

In-built Viewer: Inside the secret vault, the app provides an in-built video player, audio player, and image viewer. This allows you to view and enjoy your hidden files directly within the app, eliminating the need to expose them to external media players.

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Official Site
Download Size5MB
Released onMay 13, 2019
Nowadays Requires5.0 and up

Permissions Required:

  • Use Fingerprint: This permission is required to unlock the vault using your device’s fingerprint scanner.
  • Read/Write Storage Permission: This permission is necessary to hide and unhide files securely in the storage of your device.
  • Camera Permission: The app requests access to the device’s camera to capture photos and videos for hiding purposes.

Important Considerations:

File Storage: Audio Manager Vault App stores all hidden files securely within your device’s internal storage. No files are stored online or in cloud storage, ensuring your privacy and data security.

App Uninstallation: To avoid permanent data loss, it is crucial not to uninstall the app before unhiding your files. Make sure to retrieve and unhide all your hidden files before uninstalling the app.

Cleaning Tools: Certain cleaning tools or optimization apps may inadvertently affect the hidden data stored by Audio Manager Vault App. Exercise caution while using such tools to prevent unintended deletion or loss of your private files.

Device Reset or Formatting: Before performing a device reset or formatting, remember to unlock and retrieve all your hidden data from the app. Resetting or formatting the device without unlocking your files may result in permanent data loss.

Safely Hide and Secure Your Private Files

About Hide and Secure Article:

We recommend this application with the intention of providing great help to those who have a lot of information on their mobile phone and want to hide some of it for a while.

And inform you that we will recommend more such applications in future and they will also be taken from the play store.

Please feel free to use this Audio Manager Vault application which is released following the policy of the play store and share your feedback with us.

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