Colorful Call: Color Call Screen & Themes App, 10M+ Installs

What is the main reason why we often take out our mobile phones in our pockets? If someone gives us an incoming call, we will try to take it out and attend to it.

Is it true? Then the call will flash on the home screen of the mobile display and the caller’s photo, or mobile number will be visible. But you can change this and create custom call screens with multiple animations.

Yes, it is available in many ways, we mean many call screen themes are available, but the added highlight is that this opportunity is available through the Google Play Store, we are also proud to write an article about such a great Color Call Screen application.

Also, it is important to note that we also use this Color Call Screen application, so you also use this application and make your incoming morning special.

Colorful Call: Color Call Screen & Themes App, 10M+ Installs
Colorful Call: Color Call Screen & Themes App, 10M+ Installs 8

Important information:

This Color Call Screen application is used by more than 10 million people, 1 lakh 22 thousand people have posted their feedback and since 2019 it has been ranked on Google Play Store.

There is no need to hesitate to use this Color Call Screen application which has many such features, in addition, it is a Play Store application so you can use it without fear, and Google Play Store guarantees security.

How does Color Call Screen App work?

We have already mentioned at the beginning of the article that this is an incoming call screen application that offers a variety of incoming call animation themes.

More than 10 million people are using it because it is a powerful application that provides local ringtones, a Blinking call flash launcher, local ringtones for custom alerts, local pictures and videos for personalized color phones, and many more features. And the added advantage is that these are available for free, so make use of them.

App RoleCall Screen, Style Look
ReferGoogle Play Store
OfferMagic Mobile Studio
Download (Nowadays)10M+ (122K reviews)

How to download?

Below in the article you will get the opportunity to download the Color Call Screen App, mainly because more than 10 million people have already gone to the Google Play Store and installed it directly, we are obliged to provide such an opportunity.

It is important to note that the reason is that it is the best way to get an original application. Read the information below to get that way, it will be interesting as well.

Features Of the Ultimate Call Screen Customization App

The mentioned app appears to offer several features for customizing your call screen and enhancing your overall calling experience. Here are the key features highlighted in the description:

Brand New Call Screen: The app introduces a brand new call screen design.

Adorable Themes: It provides pretty and adorable themes to decorate your call wallpaper, adding visual appeal to your incoming calls.

Color Flash Launcher: The app includes a color flash launcher feature, which likely adds a visual effect or animation to your calls.

Customization: Users can customize their call wallpaper and set specific call screens for different contacts, allowing for a personalized experience.

Free to Use: The app emphasizes that all these features are available for free.

Lovely Call Screen Themes: Offers attractive call screen themes for incoming calls, complete with live wallpaper.

Media Upload: Users can upload local pictures and videos to further personalize their phone’s appearance.

Notification Ringtones: Includes fair-sounding ringtones for notifications, ensuring you don’t miss important alerts.

Custom Alert Tones: Supports the use of local ringtones for custom alerts, allowing users to choose their preferred tones.

Blinking Call Flash: Incorporates a blinking call flash launcher for all incoming calls, potentially making them more eye-catching.

Individual Call Themes: Allows users to set specific call themes for individual contacts, ensuring that each contact has a unique visual identifier.

Enhanced Call Recognition: Helps users recognize each call with a sparkling color flash launcher, reducing the chances of missing important calls.

Special Themes: If desired, the app can provide special themes tailored to individual preferences.

Stylish Interfaces: Users are encouraged to download the app to personalize caller themes with more stylish interfaces.

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  • Play Store Color Call Screen & Themes App
  • Color Call Screen

Chance to download Color Call Screen App

You can download the application in two ways, first way and second way are given below with clear explanations:

1st way: People who want to install the application immediately must have the trust that more than 10 million people have. That means you have to trust the Google Play Store.

If so, those who think that the information read in this article has satisfied your mind, click on this section and install it.

Second method: The second part creator collected the comments from the developer and incorporated them, you can also go to that part and install it, you can click on the green button below to get the chance to go there.

call screen themes app download
Colorful Call: Color Call Screen & Themes App, 10M+ Installs 9

Let’s talk about the Color Call Screen App article!

Color Call Screen applications like this can beautify the phone, always showing us something new and not giving us the feeling of using an old phone.

And, significantly, we can handle our mobile with dignity among others and it will reflect that much specialness.

Moreover, the main reason for mobile is to make incoming calls and outgoing calls, but now we are doing a lot of work on the mobile which is made for this purpose.

However, it is worth noting that the possibility to beautifully reflect an incoming call is desirable, as we know when 10 million people use it. So, use it and share the article with your friends and family.

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