Equal Button: Protect your secrets wisely! Using the Calculator Vault! 10M+ Installs

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In today’s digital age, privacy is paramount. We capture cherished moments in photos and videos, but often, keeping these moments truly private can be a challenge. Enter the Secret Calculator Photo Lock – a hidden safe photo locker and video locker that provides an additional layer of security for your personal media.

Imagine getting great help to protect your photos and videos from people who want to view them without your permission. And while that help looks like a normal calculator application, it allows you to store your documents in a secret room in the back.

Yes, we will be proud to download such a good Play Store application and you can see more details about it in this website article. Not only that, this application has been available on the Google Play Store since 2016.

It has also captured the hearts of many people, so far 10 million people have downloaded and used it, and it may increase in the future. We are proud to share the very special Calculator Vault application.

Equal Button Protect your secrets wisely! Using the Calculator Vault!
Equal Button Protect your secrets wisely! Using the Calculator Vault!

Play Store Calculator Vault App

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Official SitePlay Store
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The Power of Concealment

Hide Pictures & Videos Effortlessly: The Calculator Photo Locker app empowers you to hide personal images and videos of various lengths with advanced protection. You can organize your media into folders, facilitating easy management, and hiding multiple images and videos swiftly.

Instant Concealment through Sharing: Conceal photos and secret videos instantly from your phone’s gallery or external SD card by sharing them directly with the calculator photo lock app.

Capture Media Securely: Take photos or record videos from within the lock app, ensuring they are instantly concealed within the gallery’s photo and video vault.

Enhanced Security Features of Calculator Vault

Latest App Locking Mechanisms: Select your preferred style to lock apps using a PIN or Pattern lock, safeguarding photos from unauthorized access. Additionally, the app supports fingerprint sensor locks, fortifying your privacy.

Privacy Browser Shield: Access websites through the built-in privacy browser, shielding your browsing history with incognito mode. Directly hide pictures and videos from the browser, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Disguised Icons for Added Secrecy: The Calculator Lock app icon vanishes, replaced by secret icons of your choosing. Moreover, you can initiate the calculator lock app without an icon from your phone’s settings for added discretion.

Intruder Snap and Decoy Locker: Capture photos of intruders attempting to breach your privacy by entering incorrect passwords. Additionally, the app offers a decoy photo locker, showcasing fake hidden photos to deter unwanted access.

Smart Actions for Emergency Situations: Activate a quick action for your vault app when your device faces downward. Choose to close the vault or open a designated website or app to secure your private album in emergencies.

App Lock Disguise Cover: Disguise your app lock screen to prevent breaches. The fingerprint scanner and fake force close design heighten the security of the app lock screen.

Calculator Protection: Prevent the Secret Calculator video vault app from being uninstalled by unauthorized individuals, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Ensuring Accessibility and Recovery

Restoring Media Effortlessly: Once you’ve hidden pictures and locked videos within the vault, use the export icon within the app to unhide your media whenever necessary. Share media directly to social apps without restoring it to the public gallery.

Equal Button Protect your secrets wisely! Using the Calculator Vault! 10M+ Installs

Note: If you have time you can continue scrolling through the article to know more information. If not, this information is enough, from here I want to go to the Play Store and install it, click this section.

What happens if I uninstall the Calculator Vault app?

Uninstalling the app deletes it along with all locked files. Please unhide and restore your hidden files to the public gallery before uninstalling.

What if I lose or break my phone?

Vault files are stored locally, not online. No backups are collected by the app, ensuring your files remain exclusively on your device.

What if I forget my password?

Forgot your code? You can recover your password via your registered email. Enter 7777 and the “=” button in our Calculator App to initiate the password recovery option.

For any queries, suggestions, or support, contact us at donnadanley247@gmail.com.

This innovative app brings an extra layer of security to your media, ensuring your cherished memories remain exclusively yours. Protect your privacy effortlessly with the Secret Calculator Photo Lock.

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