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Do you find yourself in need of a simple yet powerful tool to capture and enhance screenshots on your Android device?

Look no further than Screenshot App – a user-friendly, free screenshot and photo markup app that doesn’t require rooting.

Let’s delve into what makes Screenshot App a standout choice for your screenshot needs and how its array of features can elevate your digital captures to the next level.

Screenshot App
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Capture Made Effortless

Gone are the days of complex maneuvers to capture your screen. Screenshot App Master offers a diverse set of features that simplify the screenshot process.

1. Floating Button: Imagine a simple button hovering above everything else on your screen. A single click, and voila! Your screenshot is taken effortlessly.

2. Shaking Device: Shake your device to trigger the screenshot capture – a fun and intuitive way to snap your screen.

3. Web Capture: Sharing a URL with Screen Master instantly captures a full-page screenshot of the web page, eliminating the hassle of manual cropping.

4. Long Screenshot: Say goodbye to limitations. Embrace the long screen capture function that effortlessly grabs your entire screen in one go.

Elevate Your Images with Photo Markup

Screenshot App Master isn’t just about capturing; it’s about enhancing. From cropping and rotating to highlighting and blurring, its photo markup features empower you to transform your images.

1. Crop and Rotate: Tailor your images into various shapes – rectangular, round, star, triangle, and more.

2. Spotlight Key Info: Direct attention by spotlighting important elements in your images.

3. Blur Image: Conceal sensitive areas by pixelating parts of your image.

4. Magnify Image: Zoom in on specific sections using the Loupe tool for emphasis.

5. Emoji Stickers and Text Additions: Infuse life into your images with lively emojis and customizable text overlays.

6. Annotate with Precision: Utilize arrows, rectangles, circles, pens, and more to annotate directly on images, without the need for prior cropping.

Seamless Photo Stitching

Ever wanted to combine multiple photos effortlessly into one long screenshot? Screen Master’s automatic recognition and stitching feature fulfill that desire. Whether horizontally or vertically, stitch your photos together hassle-free.

Accessibility and Limitations

Screenshot App Master’s accessibility service facilitates convenient long screenshots without compromising user privacy.

However, it’s important to note that certain secure pages, like those in banking apps or password input pages, are not accessible due to security protocols.

How to Reach Us

We value your feedback and suggestions! If you have any comments or ideas regarding Screen Master, feel free to contact us at blossgraph@gmail.com.

Screen Master brings the power of efficient and intuitive screenshot-taking to your fingertips. Whether it’s capturing your screen, enhancing images, or seamlessly stitching photos, this app delivers a user-friendly experience without compromising quality. Experience the ease and versatility of Screen Master today!

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