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Are you tired of the same old look on your Android phone? Do you want to personalize your device with stunning 3D themes and wallpapers? Look no further!

U Launcher 3D, formerly known as C Launcher 3D, is here to revolutionize your Android experience. In this article, we’ll explore the fantastic features that make U Launcher 3D one of the best free launchers for Android in 2020.

Play Store U 3D Launcher App For Android

App roleLauncher
Official SitePlay Store
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Nowadays Install1M+
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Stylist of Your Phone:

U Launcher 3D stands out as a stylist for your phone, offering a plethora of carefully selected wallpapers and theme launchers designed by experts.

With over 10,000 3D themes for Android free, HD wallpapers, icon packs, and smart folders, you can redefine and customize your personalized launcher in 2020.

Whether you love vibrant colors, nature scenes, or minimalist designs, U Launcher 3D has something for everyone.

Security Guards:

Your privacy matters, and U Launcher 3D understands that. The U launcher app comes equipped with a Hide & Lock Apps feature, providing a security guard for your sensitive information. Now, you can protect your privacy with confidence, knowing that your private apps are secure from prying eyes.

Efficiency Assistant:

U Launcher 3D not only focuses on aesthetics but also enhances the efficiency of your Android experience.

The app includes a speed booster, quick search, smart gesture, and widgets for easy access. With U Launcher 3D, your phone becomes a powerhouse of efficiency, allowing you to navigate seamlessly and perform tasks with speed.

Key Features of U Launcher 3D:

Fresh Launcher 2020: Enjoy unlimited free downloads of your favorite wallpapers and themes launcher for Android. U Launcher 3D ensures compatibility with 99% of Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

3D Parallax Background: Immerse yourself in the latest live wallpapers and contact themes for Android free, providing the best 3D interface experience. The parallax background adds depth to your home screen, creating a visually stunning effect.

3D Screen Transition: Customize your home screen with a variety of gesture transition effects combined with 3D themes for Android free. Choose a screen transition style that suits your taste and gives your phone a unique touch.

Top Themes & Wallpapers 2020: Personalize your home screen and interface effortlessly with top themes and wallpapers in 2020. U Launcher 3D offers a wide range of 3D themes and icon packs to cater to your preferences.

Quick Search: Switch between search engines and browse the internet with lightning speed using U Launcher 3D’s quick search feature. Access information swiftly without any hassle.

Widget: Long-press on the home screen to add useful widgets and shortcuts, enhancing your overall user experience. Customize your phone’s interface with widgets that suit your needs.

Smart Folders: Keep your app drawer clean and organized with smart folders that automatically classify apps based on functionality. Say goodbye to clutter and find your apps with ease.

Hide Apps: Maintain privacy by hiding private apps from the home screen. Simply expand outward with two fingers, and your private apps will be concealed from view.

Unlock Your Android’s Style with U Launcher 3D – Free Download Now!

LED Volume Style App On Play Store!

Transform your phone with U Launcher 3D! Over 10,000 3D themes, privacy protection, and speed boost. Upgrade your Android experience today!

U Launcher 3D app is not just one of the various new launcher apps; it is the top home screen launcher 3D app among all launcher apps and themes apps.

If you’re in search of the best and latest launcher for your Android phone, look no further. Experience the ultimate customization, security, efficiency, and style with U Launcher 3D. Your best home screen launcher with a plethora of 3D themes is waiting for you – try it today!

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