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In this digital age, where privacy is of utmost importance, finding effective ways to safeguard personal files and data becomes essential.

So an innovative Vault Audio App is here to help solve this concern. So here comes an innovative Vault Audio App to solve the security concern.

In addition, this app works as a powerful secret gallery locker. And, it allows you to securely hide your important files from prying eyes.

Vault Audio – Conceal Your Media Brilliance!

Audio Manager-Hide photo,video

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Understanding the Audio Sound Manager:

At first glance, the Audio Sound Manager appears as a run-of-the-mill audio settings app. However, beneath its seemingly ordinary facade lies a sophisticated locker application.

That means its primary function is to effectively hide various types of files from unauthorized access, including your important documents, photos, videos, and more.

Core Features Simplified:

  1. File Encryption (Locking): Encrypt your private files, rendering them inaccessible to anyone without the designated PIN code.
  2. Secure Note Storage: Hide or create secret note files, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential.
  3. Pin Code Protection: Access the secret gallery vault using a personalized pin code, or conveniently authenticate via fingerprint recognition for enhanced security.
  4. File Management: Easily unlock and decrypt locked files whenever needed. Additionally, view, share, and delete encrypted files without the need for decryption, ensuring seamless file management.
  5. Fake Vault Feature: Create decoy vaults with fake or empty values, effectively concealing the actual vault from prying eyes.

Understanding Permissions:

To utilize the full spectrum of features offered by the Audio Sound Manager, users on Android 11 and above must grant the necessary permissions, including MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (ALL FILES ACCESS).

These permissions enable seamless file encryption, management, and access within the application.

Unlocking the Vault:

Accessing the secret gallery vault is straightforward. Upon launching the app, users will encounter the Audio Sound Manager interface.

To access the vault, simply tap and hold on to the title “Audio Sound Manager,” initiating the authentication process using the pin code or fingerprint.

Pin Code Recovery:

In the event of forgetting the pin code, users can rely on security questions and answers to facilitate pin code recovery, ensuring uninterrupted access to encrypted files.

Creating a Fake Vault:

For added privacy and discretion, users can create fake vaults within the application’s settings. By accessing the Fake Vault/Empty Vault settings, users can set up decoy vaults, further obscuring the existence of the primary vault from prying eyes.

Data Preservation Upon Uninstallation:

A common concern regarding locker applications is the fate of locked files upon uninstallation. However, with the Audio Sound Manager, users need not worry.

Even upon uninstalling the application, locked files remain intact, and securely stored within the device’s storage, preserving data integrity and confidentiality.

Whether you’re safeguarding personal photos, confidential documents, or sensitive videos, the Vault Audio Sound Manager acts as a dependable guardian of privacy in our ever-connected world.

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